Property Insights

A data intelligence platform designed to enable effective operational and investment decisions. 

Six sample screenshots of the Portfolio Reporting App in action
3 mock ups of PropData Portfolio reporting screens

How it Works

Connect Data Sources

We integrate with multiple property management softwares to consolidate all your data into one integrated view.

Set Property Goals

Set property goals, and be notified when a property isn’t performing to expectations.

Set Custom Metrics

The data that’s important to you, where and when you want to see it.

Synthesize Data

Consolidate your data all in one place to quickly identify risks and uncover revenue opportunities.

Portfolio Reporting main dashboard example
Example of property-level unmet goals display

Quickly identify where a portfolio or property needs support.

Our dynamic KPI dashboard can toggle to display only the metrics that are not meeting their goals.

Realtime Access

Mobile first design means we’re with you where the insights happen - on the go, on property, wherever you are.

Drill down example on Occupancy data